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Coalstoun Lakes Water is a not-for-profit community organisation run by volunteers for the sole benefit of the local community and economy.

The Vision

We were set up to explore the potential to bring water to Coalstoun Lakes and surrounding areas following a $1.5 million Common-wealth grant for a detailed business case (DBC) following the ‘Just Add Water ‘ campaign. The DBC will explore a number of options for supply shortlisted in a recently completed report by KBR prepared for North Burnett Regional Council.


WHO will be doing the study? - CLW has engaged Verterra to project manage KBR who will undertake the study on behalf of CLW. All three organisations will engage openly and inclusively with all stakeholders during the study.

Be part of it

We aim to engage with all interested stake-holders to ensure that their opinions, needs and concerns are considered. This will include confidential ‘one-on-one’ interviews to assess the potential demand for water, pricing preferences and other needs such as assistance for irrigation development.

The Plan

We hope to make contact with you in coming weeks and invite you to further informative events at the Coalstoun Lakes Hall. The DBC study is scheduled for completion by the end of 2021.

Round 1 Assessment

Watch the Video Presentation explaining the Detailed Business Case Round 1 Demand Assessment.

Round 2 Assessment

Download the Coalstoun Lakes Water Demand Assessment Round 2 (in PDF form) produced in September 2021

Round 2 Intent

Round 2 Demand Assessment Letter of Intent Form (Not Binding). Please provide an estimate of your demand for water from the project. (download in word format)


Steve Marshall

Chair of Coalstoun Lakes Development Group 0427 275 191

Garry Seabrook

Chair of Coalstoun Lakes Water Pty Ltd 0499 089 909

Perfect Soil

Coalstoun Lakes is home to some of the most fertile volcanic soils found in South East Queensland and relys on seasonal rain.

EconomIC Benefit

Agricultural Water Security leads to follow on economic development across the entire region which positively impacts not only businesses relying on or related to Agriculture but leading to economic development across the board.

Just Add Water

Increasing productivity and the success of the Coalstoun Lakes based agriculture depends on a reliable water supply

Growing Community

Enhanced water access and increased water security is set to deliver significant economic and social benefits to our local communities with more families finding a sustainable future in our region.

More Jobs

8% of the 125,000 jobs in our region are in agriculture. Every Mega Litre in use by agriculture is matched by 0.07 jobs in the sector. More water means more available work places for our residents.